Laughter as brain injury medicine … omelet for breakfast


It is always a great feeling doing something special for others. My friend is not well, but woke up 4:30 am and thought she’d make herself an omelet because she had the eggs I gave her.  She prepared fresh vegetables, cut up turkey, and intended to use cheese. We all know you feel your best with good nutrition.


The fry pan, bowl and spatula were ready.  She cracked an egg and tried again.  She realized the egg was hard boiled. Again, she did the same to another egg and that was hard boiled…she didn’t know all the eggs were hard boiled!

I may have failed to inform her.  Why is it that others can’t read one’s mind, or the way I compensate?  I always put my hard boiled eggsback in the carton.  Sometimes I surprise myself like I surprised her!  That breakfast omelet that sounded so delicious turned…

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